The Barn: Brand Identity

The Barn: Brand Identity

Focusing on emphasizing the natural and organic attributes of The Barn’s products, we aimed to select visual elements that resonated with these concepts. Inspiration was drawn from a wide spectrum of symbols related to nature, including plant growth and the variety of earth tones and greens found in the natural world. This exploration resulted in the selection of a color palette grounded in earthy tones, with green and khaki as the main colors, complemented by black to add a touch of sophistication. The combination logo mark, which includes a stylized leaf, was designed with versatility in mind and conveys the values of freshness and quality of The Barn’s products.

Project features
  • Research and Strategy

    Initial phase of discovery and creative direction, essential for understanding the brand's values and target market.

  • Logo Proposals

    Three logo proposals designed to reflect the brand's principles of naturalness, sustainability, and accessibility.

  • Print Assets

    Creation of essentials for offline business communication.

  • Digital Assets

    Creation of essentials for business communication on digital platforms.

Project Details

For The Barn, a Panamanian brand specializing in 100% natural dehydrated powder foods, a brand identity was developed to highlight naturalness, sustainability, and accessibility. The strategy was based on exhaustive research, steering the design towards easy recognition and effective communication with consumers.

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