Make-A-Wish Panama: Social Media Management

Make-A-Wish Panama: Social Media Management

Our strategy for Make-A-Wish Panama was designed with precision to captivate and motivate the online community, presenting the powerful narratives of fulfilled wishes and the remarkable impact these wishes have. By creating engaging, narrative-driven content, we highlighted the happiness and transformation children and their families undergo, offering insights into the preparation and realization of wishes, sharing testimonials from those who’ve had their wishes granted, and producing interactive content to foster audience engagement and support. A key aspect of our approach involved dynamic community management, where we actively interacted with followers through comments, messages, and posts to cultivate a supportive and optimistic online environment that mirrors the organization’s ethos of hope, strength, and joy. Furthermore, by incorporating user-generated content, we aimed to craft a more authentic and engaging online presence. To ensure the continued innovation and effectiveness of our social media strategy, we stayed informed on the latest trends in social media and non-profit marketing, strategically planned campaigns around significant dates, utilized hashtags to broaden our reach, and engaged with influencers to broaden the organization’s message.

Project features
  • Goal Research

    Involves identifying and understanding the organization's objectives.

  • Content Planning

    The process of organizing and scheduling content topics, types, and posting times.

  • Content Creation

    Entails the development of engaging, relevant, and brand-aligned content.

  • Engagement with Followers

    Actively interacting with the community around the brand.

  • Monthly Reporting of Results

    Compiling and analyzing data on the performance of social media activities.

Project Details

Make-A-Wish Panama is a non-profit organization dedicated to granting life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Our objective was to manage Make-A-Wish Panama's social media presence with a strategic approach aimed at increasing visibility for the wishes being granted and meticulously portraying every detail of these magical experiences.

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