Case Study: Redesigning the Visual Identity of CMC

Case Study: Redesigning the Visual Identity of CMC

May 8, 2024
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The Caribbean Medical Center Hospital (CMC) is a leading provider of high-quality medical services. Over the years, CMC has built a solid reputation for its technical competence and its humane, personal approach to care. BlueTide has designed a new brand identity for the hospital that captures the essence of the institution, blending modernity with the core values of care and medical excellence. This design reflects the fusion between cutting-edge technology and a patient-centered approach, ensuring that every visual element communicates the hospital’s advanced capability to provide high-quality health care.

Our Process

The simplified representation of the Caribbean Medical Center Hospital’s initials was achieved using a palette of cool colors that integrates navy blue with the brand’s characteristic color. This design not only symbolizes the connection between the hospital, its patients, and the medical team but also seeks to establish a relationship based on quality, trust, and innovation.

During the early stages of the process, as in previous case studies, preliminary ideas were visualized through quick pencil sketches to capture the possible silhouette of the future logo and discuss possible creative directions with stakeholders. Subsequently, a set of basic digitized options was offered. To give a complete vision and ensure how far the logo should deviate from common associations, the designer provided a variety of options. Some of these options were visually connected with traditional medical elements, while others explored more dynamic and abstract shapes, focusing on symbolizing the integration of technology and human care that characterizes the hospital.

New Logo and Image Change

The new logo of the Caribbean Medical Center symbolizes the union between the hospital, its patients, and the medical team. This image reflects the commitment to quality, trust, and innovation, and represents the hospital’s dedication to advanced medical practices and comprehensive care. The visual identity renewal also included a name change from “Caribbean Medical Center” to “Caribbean Medical Center Hospital,” reinforcing the focus on complete hospital care.

The launch of the new logo is scheduled for 2024, marking a significant milestone in the institution’s evolution. This change is part of a broader strategy to modernize the brand and strengthen the emotional connection with patients and other stakeholders. The design process, led by Engineer Jesús Berrio, General Director, and Fara Lowe, Head of Marketing and Quality, was carried out in collaboration with the BlueTide agency. Together, they sought to create an image that remained true to the hospital’s heritage while adopting a more modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Inspired by the previous logo, they opted to use negative spaces to form the silhouette of a stethoscope, thus integrating medical tradition with contemporary design. This decision ensures that the new logo is not only recognizable and conveys professionalism, but also aligns with the hospital’s future goals, highlighting its focus on advanced technology and empathetic care.


Brand Strategy and Differentiation

The developed brand strategy focused on differentiating CMC from the rest of the healthcare sector while maintaining the pillars of trust and quality that have always defined the hospital. Perseverance, commitment to excellence, and empathy are central elements that were emphasized. The new logo incorporates a color palette that combines blue and turquoise, symbolizing the union between humanity and cutting-edge technology that characterizes the CMC. This duality of colors not only refreshes the brand but also maintains its essence, moving from a previously softer turquoise to a bolder and more dynamic combination, suitable for a leading institution in medical innovation and patient care.

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“The rebranding modernizes the visual identity to reflect a commitment to care, enhancing trust and connection.”

mockup con patron de logo rebranding de CMC

Typography Choice

Selecting the appropriate typefaces for the rebranding of the Caribbean Medical Center Hospital was a crucial part of our strategy to communicate the renewed essence of the brand. After evaluating numerous options, we decided on two different types of lettering: Josefin Sans as the main typography and DM Sans as the secondary. Some time ago, I was particularly impressed by Josefin Sans, captivated by its elegant geometric structure that radiates modernity while retaining a classic touch. Its unique character seemed ideal to embody the mix of tradition and innovation at CMC. For the supporting text, we chose DM Sans for its clarity and versatility, offering excellent legibility and a contemporary feel in various applications. These typographical choices helped us project the hospital’s commitment to professional excellence and compassionate care, resonating perfectly with the sophisticated and accessible brand identity we sought to establish.



For our client, a complete set of guidelines for using the logo and identity was provided, including color palettes, typefaces, and placement standards. Experience shows that style guides play a strategic role in brand development: all subsequent collaborators will receive clear instructions on the correct and incorrect ways to use the graphics created for this project. The document consists of several sections and informs about the idea that served as the basis for the logo, its structure, and technical specifications. It also details the color and monochrome versions, which can be used for a wide range of purposes. Additionally, examples of incorrect use are included to avoid poor visual performance. All brand elements are also included in the guidelines and are described in detail, ensuring visual consistency throughout the hospital’s communication.


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