How do I appear on Google for my clients?

How do I appear on Google for my clients?

January 26, 2023

If you are one of those who know the importance of being the first to appear in their searches to potential clients, but you have no idea how to advertise on Google or how to advertise on Google, keep reading. Here we give you direction on Google Ads, Google Search, SEM, and even how YouTube comes into the equation. Also, key information about four options for advertising in the search engine.

For those who are unsure whether they should position their ads among the top Google results, you need to know the following. According to research such as that from the Search Engine Journal, almost 100% of online experiences start with a search engine, with Google capturing around 70% of the search engine market.

More than 50% of users researching a business on their mobile phones call directly from their Google search. Due to its popularity, approximately 1.5 million companies advertise on Google, investing resources and efforts in strategies known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

These digital marketing techniques aim to leverage Google Ads and its other tools, all with the goal of placing your organization’s website in the top hits of your buyers’ searches.

You might be wondering what any other entrepreneur would want to know right now.

And, how much does this advertising on Google cost?

Like almost everything, it depends on your goals, the nature of your market, and how much you want to invest. However, one of the advantages of Google AdWords is that, in addition to giving your business more visibility on the internet, it facilitates the measurement of results and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Instant information on what is working or not allows you to reallocate your budget for Google ads based on the most popular keywords.

This translates to knowing more precisely where to invest for better results.

Reportes de RD Station (Latin America’s #1 marketing and sales platform for SMEs) show that “companies have an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on Google ads.”

Next, we explain four different options for advertising your business on Google and how they work.

Google Ad Formats

Google Search Ads

These ads consist of text that appears at the top of the search results pages on Google. Search campaigns are usually paid per click, meaning you only pay the search engine when someone clicks on your ad. As these ads are identified by their text, strategic wording is important when using this type of campaign.

Google Display Campaigns

Ads or campaigns on the display network, also called Google Display Network, include images and text. Unlike search ads, Google Display ads appear to people on other related campaigns, not in the actual search results. These can be powerful, reaching an average of 90% of internet users. To use them, you need to specify the demographic or specific audience you want to reach when configuring the campaign.

Google Shopping

Shopping campaigns are used to promote products. The ads for these promotions display the products you want to sell with their photos, customer testimonials, and other product details like the price.

To create shopping campaigns and upload product ads, you need additional tools like Google Merchant in addition to Google Ads. In this case, Google’s algorithm determines when the ads will appear.

YouTube Campaigns

These video ads are short commercials of 6 to 15 seconds that appear at the beginning or middle of the content or games you want to watch on YouTube. They aim to redirect traffic from people visiting the video page to your business page. Google Ads is also needed when creating and publishing this type of advertising.

While these are just a few of the formats Google offers for advertising campaigns, there are numerous other options for positioning your website. If all of this sounds like a different language, and you don’t have the time to learn how to use it to position your website, it’s always an easier and more efficient alternative to hire an agency like BlueTide that specializes in designing and implementing marketing strategies like these.

If this is the case, it is always an easier and more efficient alternative to hire an agency like BlueTide that is dedicated to designing and implementing marketing strategies like these.

Ready to elevate your digital presence?

¿Listo para elevar tu presencia digital?

Ready to elevate your digital presence?

¿Listo para elevar tu presencia digital?

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