From Twitter to X: The Evolution that Took 9 Months of Planning

From Twitter to X: The Evolution that Took 9 Months of Planning

August 8, 2023
Twitter transformation to X

The transformation of Twitter into X has been much more than a simple visual change; From a marketing and business point of view, it could be a visionary leap into the future of digital platforms. The main motivation for this rebranding is Elon Musk, who has revealed that “X” means more than a simple name change; represents their ambitious vision of an “all-in-one app” that has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate, interact and transact online.

In a tweet that captured the attention of the digital world, Musk hinted at the idea of ​​saying goodbye to the Twitter brand and its iconic little blue bird logo that we all know and have loved for more than a decade. He hinted at a broader plan, indicating that the evolution to X would involve much more than a simple change in aesthetics. The subsequent presentation of the stylized black and white X logo on Twitter’s website confirms that a profound change was beginning.


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Elon Musk’s vision for X draws parallels with the immensely popular Chinese app, WeChat. Often described as a digital Swiss army knife, WeChat seamlessly combines social networking, instant messaging, and payment services, becoming an indispensable tool for millions of people. Similarly, Musk envisions X as an “all-in-one” application that merges these essential aspects of modern life into a cohesive platform.

With X, the goal is to transcend traditional boundaries, offering users a comprehensive online experience. Social interactions, messaging, financial transactions, and more could smoothly coexist within a single application, simplifying daily tasks. This vision is a testament to Musk’s inclination towards innovation and disruption, redefining what an online platform can achieve.

The rebranding of Twitter to X underscores Musk’s determination to create a space that adapts to changing user needs. As digital communication continues to evolve, platforms must evolve with it. The new X identity serves as a conduit for this evolution, symbolizing adaptability, inclusivity, and the potential for revolutionary change.

Although the brand transition may seem immediate, it’s important to note that it has been meticulously planned over a nine-month period, as mentioned by Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X.

Here are some key points in this timeline:


11/01 | Legacy verification transitions to a subscription model

11/09 | Elon shares a bold vision for X (formerly Twitter)
11/23 | Enhanced performance advertising solutions are launched


12/12 | Relaunch of the Blue subscription service
12/12 | Blue subscribers can now upload 10-minute videos
12/12 | Community Notes feature is globally implemented
12/18 | Adjacency Control is launched
12/19 | Profile tags expand to include blue, gold, and gray verification badges
12/19 | Pilot launch for Verified Organizations
12/21 | Improved user experience for $Cashtags
12/22 | View count feature is introduced
12/23 | Blue subscribers can now upload 60-minute videos


1/10 | Tabs “For You” and “Following” replace “Home” and “Latest”
1/17 | View count feature is moved to the right side of posts
1/20 | iOS capability to bookmark a post directly from post details
1/24 | Beta launch of Keyword Ads
1/24 | On the web, timelines default to where users left off
1/25 | Third-party Brand Safety Measurement with Double Verify and Integral Ad Science is launched


2/01 | Appeal process is launched for anyone to request a review of a suspended account
2/03 | Revenue-sharing program for creators is launched
2/08 | Long-format posts for Blue subscribers (4,000 characters) are introduced
2/15 | Capacity expanded for cannabis product advertising
2/21 | Notifications for users are launched

MARCH 2023

3/16 | Update allows users to see the total times a post has been bookmarked
3/20 | Text messages as a two-factor authentication method for Blue subscribers
3/21 | Expansion of Adjacency Controls to exclude up to 2000 usernames and keywords
3/21 | An independent assessment by Sprinklr finds a decrease in hate speech reach
3/23 | Blue subscriptions are now available globally
3/30 | Global launch of Verified Organizations
3/31 | The algorithm is open-sourced, ushering in a new era of transparency

APRIL 2023

4/13 | Launch of the new product $Cashtags
4/13 | Relaunch of the Creator Subscription Program (formerly ‘Super Follows’)
4/14 | Verified Organizations are launched for all eligible organizations globally
4/15 | Progress in AI bot development alters timelines to feature only verified accounts in “For You”
4/17 | Introduction of the new app philosophy, Freedom of Expression, Not Freedom of Reach
4/20 | Sunset of legacy verified checkmarks
4/25 | 21st transparency report is published
4/28 | Global launch of creator subscriptions

MAY 2023

5/05 | Voice Memos for Direct Messages (DMs) are introduced
5/05 | Beta testing begins for: Highlights tab; support for larger video files; DM reply interface updates; new draft/scheduled post interface; post boosting; online media for long-format posts
5/09 | Release of new DM features – DM replies and Emoji Selector
5/09 | Announcement of upcoming voice and video chat releases from your username
5/11 | Early version of encrypted DMs released for Blue subscribers
5/18 | Blue subscribers can now upload two-hour videos
5/18 | Voice Messages feature is globally available
5/23 | Function update allows users to search Lists on the desktop website
5/25 | Faster playback and picture-in-picture (PiP) playback are launched

JUNE 2023

6/1 | Third-party safety and suitability measurement by DoubleVerify expands to include the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
6/06 | Feature update allows Blue subscribers up to 1 hour to edit their posts
6/12 | Feature update allows group DMs to include up to 100 people (previously 50)
6/19 | Long-format posting expands for Blue subscribers (25,000 characters)
6/20 | Feature updates to enhance screen duplication integration
6/28 | Launch of the new ‘Highlights’ tab for Blue subscribers, allowing users to showcase their best posts through a dedicated feed on their profile
6/30 | Feature update allows group DMs to include up to 150 people (previously 100)

JULY 2023

7/01 | Video feature update allows double-tap functionality for fast-forwarding/rewinding
7/01 | Speed limits to combat fraud and bots
7/03 | Launch of a new and improved version of TweetDeck
7/05 | Obtaining the first money transmitter license in Michigan, Missouri, and New Hampshire
7/05 | Launch of new analytics for subscriber accounts
7/06 | Testing of the new Job Listings feature for verified organizations
7/07 | Discontinuation of Circles in favor of enhanced Communities and group chat in DMs
7/10 | Addition of the Airplay button for videos on iOS
7/11 | Expanded access to Media Studio for verified users
7/12 | Expansion of the app philosophy, Freedom of Expression, Not Freedom of Reach
7/13 | First revenue payouts to content creators
7/14 | Addition of a new Direct Message setting to reduce spam in DMs
7/17 | Addition of the Community Highlights module for Professional Profiles
7/21 | Feature update for Direct Messages resulting in a 70% reduction in spam
7/24 | X is introduced to the world!
7/25 | Video download feature is now available for verified users
7/26 | Community Notes expand to 18 new countries
7/28 | Revenue sharing for eligible creators through ads is available globally


8/02 | Twitter/X users on iOS and Android can hide their blue checkmark

In essence, Twitter’s journey to X marks a milestone in the digital landscape. It’s a transformative turn that not only redefines the platform’s purpose but also introduces a new era of integrated online experiences. With Musk’s vision of the “all-in-one” app at its core, X aspires to be more than just a platform; it aims to be an essential part of users’ digital lives, shaping the future of communication, interaction, and connectivity.

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